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Hi guys,
New to the forum and joined because Im havin a look at the forecast and it looks pretty shocking on most websites (heavy rain showers, thunderstorms etc) for past couple of days and the next few days. How bad is it? Im guessing there is some sun inbetween the showers? I have a couple of friends out there and was planning a visit in the next few days but might not bother if its going to rain all the time, I can get that back home!lol.are any of you out there currently?whats it like?
sorry, thats san antonio bay btw. not sure how much it differs depending on where you are on the island.
Thanks again
I dont know about San Antonio, but in Es Cana its been really bad, they have bad thunderstorms for past three weeks, but looks like they have stopped now, we got back this week, we had three really hot sunny days out of the 7 day holiday. It wasnt nice in the rain, as when it did rain you knew about it, but saying that, some pretty spectacular storms
Hi there just got back from Sta Eularia, was there for two weeks. The weather has been ****e, never seen so much rain & thunder!!! However, for anyone travelling over shortly it seems to be settling down a bit now, the last few days were quite nice.

had a gr8 time anyway
Got back on Sunday after 10 days - first day was wet and last Sunday and Monday had torrential rain so 3 hour lunches and 3 hour dinners were in order but the rest was glorious with temps of around 28C which I thought was excellent for this time of year.
Unfortunately September over the years has always been a dodgy month for fun & pleasure on the 'Isla Blanca' but it's never got me down as there's alway's something to do when their. And ofcourse let's not forget that Ibiza's thunderstorms really are a spectacle to watch & admire especially during the dark hours.

apart from 27/28/29th till i came back today 7th oct.its the hottest i have ever known at this time of year.not many people about though.