jase goacher

Could someone tell me what the weather has been like over on the white isle this last couple of days and what its planed to be like in the up and coming days! Basically do i need to take me overcoat or factor 20?
It's going to be sunny, bit of cloud, not overly hot. About 27/28 degrees. That's basically it for the next 10 days!
I have seen a website predicting thunderstorms for this Sunday (my 1st full day :evil:)

It's NEVER rained EVER whilst I've been in Ibiza....... cue 2 weeks of the f***er.
don't even go there jonnydp, that would be a complete p1sser :cry:
Yeah, Sunday is my first full day and I've heard that rumour too.

Went to Corfu a few years back (big mistake) and it basically rained for a week.

This is my first year in Ibiza, and I have to say I just can't wait! Sun or no sun, it's still gonna be mint.
it says partly cloudy all next week but temperatures are about 28 degree C, hopefully be able to catch some rays then :D
you never know, it could be sweet all week, how anyone can predict 10 days weather correctly when they get the next day wrong is beyond me.
Partly cloudy means there will be the odd cloudy spell. In other words it will be well sunny most of the time.
Partly cloudy?

I went to Las Vegas earlier this year and the weather forecast before I went said Partly Cloudy every day. Bah.

Cue a week of fantastic sunshine, 80 degree temperatures, and days full of lounging by the pool!

Same thing happened on another holiday. I think the weather forecasters' definition of partly cloudy is along the lines of, "Is there a wisp of cloud somewhere in the sky? Then it's partly cloudy."

Nic (hoping this is third time lucky too - seeing as this time next week...)
i like what your saying guy's you're filling me Optimism and feelings of warmth! :lol: