Weather in September


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Off to ibiza on Saturday, but I've never been this late on in the year before.. Just wondering what kind of weather to expect?

Previous years I've been in Sept it's cooler than August but still high 20s, you might get odd cloudy day and odd storm but generally it's still hot. The only thing I have found is that it gets cooler at nights so you might need long sleeve top sometimes.
At the min its not good rain and thunder storms Im off on fri and am going to pack light jacket combats t-shirt stuff just incase, but I went last year at the same time and the weather was great just a wee bit cloudy, it varys :lol:
Well it is reported to be around 29 degree's most days until wednesday when the isolated T-storms start. Please let it be small ones!

2 days to go!!!! :D
kitten's head said:
Have a great one, Beryl!

Thanks K.H! Im soooooo excited! We are having an Ibiza return Nonsense on Sunday 29th September as we all arrive back at 6am and we are running our bankl holiday special that night if you fancy coming along? :D Its in Adlib on hope street!