Weather in October



Hi folks, have been on the island already this year but am wanting to come back at the end of october, usually stay over in port des torrent but have been offered apartments in den bossa and was wondering whether anyone can confirm what the weather is like come the end of October?

thanks for the reply, any idea if at the end of October, will fly out 24.10.03 there is much still open, ie bars, restaurants on the island and whether i will still be able to get over to formentera?
depends how many folks take the last weeks before shut down.the west end in san night a bar can be open then shut.if a bar as had a good summer they close in save taxes.etc.same in p d bossa.big bens.ect.its a nice time to get to know people.who live and work there.or own me i am going soon.for £180.00 all in for two weeks.cause i know the land lady well over the for formentera you should be able to go.they do have to take things over to the island.but same again if not enough folks are there.the normal ferrys will not sure how you would get over .you will have to check more.
I dont think the weather nwill be that good cos its real bad now, but i cud be wrong, I would love to go to ibiza that time of year because it would be so different, Im of this fri for week cant wait :p