Weather 1st week Sept


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Hi All,
Just got back from my first visit to Ibiza staying at Cala Llonga, and im in LOVE :D the place is like paradise to me - so im looking at going back for another week, the 1st week in September - can anyone advise me on the weather as weve just had a baking week but then a local told me that in Sept it is winter!!!!!!! I think she either was confused or having me on xx
lol, i thought she must be wrong - i couldnt see the temp dropping that fast!!! - Oh well cant wait to get back :)
Thanks for the help, by the way Woodruffe - i never hit my head on the tree outside Cala Llonga Restaurant but i did slip down the path just outside - im sure someone polishes that path when we were in bed lol x
nice to know you had a good time.yes forgot to tell you about that path.i never did get time to pop over to resort when i was there the other week.never mind should get more time in sept/oct.