We luv sunday @ Space.............


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hey folks, if u go in the morning and pay yir cash to get in can you gat back in in the evening or do you have 2 pay again? cheers.
yes you can get your hand stamped, so you can wonder in and out...(or is it a band that you wear around your wrist)
I think last year was about 35 euros, somewhere round there and yeah you can leave once during the day cos they give you wristband.
Last summer I went with my buddy around 8 or 9 to Sundays@Space and used a reduced admission flyer for around 20/25 Euros. We were mashed up from partying the night before and thought we could get in cheap, leave with a stamp and sleep at the hotel and then return later. What we found out was that the only people who are allowed to return once are those patrons who pay full price (approx. 50 Euros)
Robo said:
Aaron how did you manage that then????

Just go to some of the smaller friendly pubs in Ibiza Town and get friendly with the waiter. They always have a few free passes behind the bar. :D
There's all kinds of rules that Space have with the wristband passes, sometimes they change the colors during the night and therefore have an 'expiry' time on them - usually depends on how busy they are - ask when you pass over your cash!