We Love Space - Sunset Terrace - HELP!


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Hi Folks,

Heading out on Sunday 6th (can't wait!) and was wondering what the general vibe has been like on the sunset terrace this year so far? I love uplifting, sunshine, happy music on the sunset terrace (or outdoors!). Stuff that makes you smile.

07 & 08 I found to be less uplifting & a bit slower than years before (IMO) and so I thought I should not go to WLS this year. However, reading the reviews seems like it has reverted back to balearic type house etc. I am not sure whether or not I should go this year.....advice most welcome! Info on the DJ's playing the sunset terrace would be fab!
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From what i've heard the sunset terrace was rocking last sunday. Funkagenda had the place going nuts.