we love @ space, i need to know the name of this track



hi, i need to know the name of the last track of smokin jo's set in the terrace of space, the day was 27/07/2003, she close in Thursdays @ Pacha with same song 24/07 , is a girl singing like acapella and in the middle of the song start all the rythhm, this track is pure feeling and i need to know which is to remember the best week of my life... thx to all
imposible to remeber, i'm spanish and my english after 7 hours partying is not so good.
the voice was like sheryl crow... when the acapella finish starts a guitar and then the bass and beats...
thx a lot but is not thick dick

the other track is so cool but isn't what i'm searching...

it starts like a pop song...
I think it might be...

Kosheen- All In My Head (Planet Funk remix)

Totally wicked, but the original's nothing special.

Can't believe the vinyl of this is only £1.99 (€3) in HMV.
yes it's that... thx a lot to everybody who tried to help me...

now really It's All in my head!!!!