We Love Space Closing Party


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I was planning on heading to Ibiza this year on September 19th and doing space that weekend and then going to Formentera for the end of the trip...BUT I have now seen that the We Love closing party is the 27th. Would i be a fool not to go? From those that have been, is it that good? Do they open the car park? Dillemas Dillemas....I need more bloody annual leave and cash!
We Love Closing is very nice. I missed last years but 07 was very good. The car park isn't open and I can't tell you how much the closing differs from the regular party.

Well for starters the programming is much more divers than on most other nights. The other aspect of We Love used to be the fact that it was a 22 hour marathon, unfortunately that is no more... Nevertheless it is still a very nice party with a great audience:)
I meant what is particularly good about the closing party at space...but thanks for the general advice...was still useful. it was one of the places we didnt make it to last year and really wanted to. I'm just a bit torn as the week before i was thinking of going to pacha for the Swedish House Mafia closing party but space sounds like a better option for a closing party.

also, how is the weather at the end of September, still good?