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We Love… Space is renowned as one of the finest club nights in the world. For 16 Sundays each summer, the likes of Grace Jones, the Chemical Brothers, and Jeff Mills turn up in Ibiza to rock the legendary Terraza and Discoteca arenas. But much like a trip to Glasto, a night at We Love… Space is as much about discovering new musical talent as it is about seeing the headline acts. The likes of Steve Lawler and Jason Bye have been helped along the way by the support of the We Love… team, and these days future stars such as PBR Streetgang, Leo Belchetz and Jem Haynes are still getting breaks at We Love… Space.

Keen to continue this tradition, two initiatives to seek out musical talent have been launched by the We Love… team.

Immensely successful during 2008, We Love… Fresh Blood is back to find the finest DJs of summer 2009. DJ mixes are submitted to the We Love… team, and each month a winning mix is chosen and given a platform on the We Love… website. Two monthly winners from 2008 have since gone on to play at We Love… Space, so it really could be the launchpad for a young DJ’s career. For full details, to check the first winning mix from Purpose B, and to submit your mix, click here.

New for 2009 is We Love… Remixing. Inspired by the current collaborative atmosphere on the scene, We Love… have devised a multi-label remix competition, highlighting and supporting new production talent, and showcasing the finest tracks from their pool of friends, including artists such as Tiefschwarz, Paul Woolford and Yousef, and labels like 2020 Vision, Buzzin’ Fly and Future Classic. This is the chance for new producers to get creative with some of the tracks that will be rocking We Love… Space all summer. The best remix of each track (chosen by the artist, label and the We Love… team) will be included on the official We Love… Space 09 DJ mix, as well as being released officially by the track’s label. For all the rules, and to download the parts, click here.

Plus! Click here to watch a video with Ralph Lawson, Smokin’ Jo and Leo Belchetz explaining their involvement and throwing their weight behind the We Love… Remixing competition.
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Has anyone checked these competitions out...? Let us know if you have entered!!!

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i'm still worrying about the search for dj talent. he's not the guy lost in the aussie outback is he?
i'm still worrying about the search for dj talent. he's not the guy lost in the aussie outback is he?

hahahah if only!

the search for DJ Talent is over;