We Love - related question


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Haven't been to Ibiza for 2 years and a lot of things seem to have changed. Going to We Love opening party next weekend but was wondering if you guys could advise me on a couple of things. (sorry if they've been asked before but I am TOTALLY out of the loop)

1 - They're selling tickets on the We Love website, am I better getting them there or will it be cheaper over on Ibiza and if so, where's the best place to get them? The flyer they are advertising for the night on their website is offering 20 nicker off so I can't really be arsed paying 80 bucks for them for me and the missus over here if I can get them over there for half that.

2 - Do we know if they still do passouts? (I'm a light-weight)

3 - One other thing not space related. I got a few wristbands on the beach last time we were there, with clubnights advertised on. What are these all about then? Are they passes?