Water taxi


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From the Bay to San An...been searching Spotlight for pick up points and cost in the bay and cant find anything?:idea:
it picks up at a few points, starting outside hotel hawaii, then hotel sestanyol, not sure of the next one, then hotel milord, think there are a couple of others but the first is Hawaii and last is the milord (not far from kumharas), it runs every half hour, and on the hour up till around midnight in peak season

cost was €2.80 each way the other week which i think is a bit steep if you have a family of four, might be cheaper getting a taxi and definitely cheaper on the bus.

If your staying at the hostal anibal, (noticed from a previous post), then you will be in the town by the time to walk to the hawaii hotel which would be your nearest pick up point, its only ten minutes into the town from the anibal
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