Water Party?


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Hi all my name's torin and I'll be there from aug 28 to sept 6. Anyone know anything about the water party at Es Paradis? I hear you can't show up in shorts. What do most people wear there with regard to not getting clothes and shoes soaked and ruined? Also what time should you get there?

I was there for cream last year. I've been hearing about Cocoon, but I can't get a good read on what its about. Anyone care to fill in a newbie? Cheers!
Well, first of all, Cream and Cocoon are at Amnesia, not Es Paradis. Perhaps you're mixing up Es Paradis' water party with Amnesia's foam party.

Cocoon is a party put on by DJ Sven Vath and his crew. It's a techno-oriented event (as opposed to Cream which has trance in one room and house in the other). Cocoon is very popular because it's usually very good. Highly recommend it.