Water Park



Heard there is a Water Park on the island but where is it and is it any good?

Anyone been?
its called Aquamar and its right beside Space, i went last year and thought it was ok, the best one was the black hole - well scary!!!
there are two.

one is where prog_babe said next to space.

and the second one is smaller and is in talmanca.

personally aquamar is better...

aquamar is good...ill agree that black hole is scary so is the kamakazie thing ...u jump into the air!!!!
jsmith4519 said:
aquamar is good...ill agree that black hole is scary so is the kamakazie thing ...u jump into the air!!!!

I really hurt myself on that kamikazee thing once. I jumped so high into the air that when I landed I burnt all the skin off my back.
kitten's head said:
How much is it?

can't remember how much it was but don't go wiv your rep cos thats what we done last year and then when we were @ space seen the signs and it was well cheaper than we paid - rip off merchants :x
yeah, it wasn't expensive, still annoys me that the reps charge more tho!!!
the top of the kamikasee is a great viewing point to see the colour of the pilots eyes as they fly in low to land :twisted:
oh no no no dont be going there drunk as u dont wanna drown...always ruins your holiday being tatty bread
i went to a aqua park last august at magaluff, it was ok but the queues for everything where absoloutley massive cos it was peak season, so it made it pointless going. is it the same for ibiza, does everything hav massive queues?
The Black hole was pretty bad!! In fact I nearly threw up at the bottom!!
We joked about going there... Alas, never went. Ehem. Anyhoo, it was about 15 Euros per person for adults as of last week.
lol i remember going there first year on the island, first thing we did was go on the black hole, only to realise it was salt water :/
The main problem with that water park is that the deepest pool is only about 1m deep.

I also notice someone had been sick in one of the pools i had been swimming in. Nice.

You do get some air on that Kamikasee slide though. I'm sure it wouldn't be allowed in this country, pretty cool though.
it scared the shit out of me on that slide....and your right it wouldnt be allowed in this country