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I have loved Ibiza for 35 years, i met my now husband there and cannot think of a better place.

However i have a problem with the water in spain, an inparticularly Ibiza, i am totally allergic to it.

recently have taken holidays in mainland spain only because i can drive frim Gibraltar, where i live with enough containers of water to have a shower everyday, i know sounds drastic.:oops:
we risked 2 weeks in the Bellamar 3 years ago but holiday was ruined by my allergy, basically skin blisters and itches like mad, i turn into a walking scab (tmi) even bedding in hotel is enough to set me off.

its all related to the large amounts of chlorine in tap water (hubs is a chemist and tested water). even now i cannot convince any doctor it is not *****ly heat, despite telling them i do not get it in any other country in the world, and if i say its a spanish problem they simply say simples don't go to spain :spank:

anywayz, thanks for sticking with story.

does anyone know if:

a, problem of chlorine has improved.

b does any hotel use a water filter system, or at a push salt water pool, as i can buy big waters for shower, but it dont lather at all and is drying to the skin

any info would be great. i cannot bear the thought of never sitting on cala bassa again

thanks in advance

ps you might like to know, i highly rate gibraltar water
why not rent a place where water is from a well rather than the public system and therefore free of extra added chemicals.??
Stephen`s is a very good suggestion, You will probably also find rentals with salt water pool if you ask (I have SWP, the difference is unbelievable, But it still has chlorine in it ?) You could also look at different areas of the Island as there are different types of water (de-desalinated/ borehole) depending on where you stay,
But I would be a littlle surprised if it was the chlorine in the water, The Spanish are not as keen at adding chemicals as the UK , There is no flouride added at all and I have never smelt chlorine as you would in the UK in the water ? We do get ( depending on area) a lot of Calcium, Could that be it ?

Have a good one
thanks guys, i will start checking out private rentals, though for two of us it usually is very expensive option.

it is deffo the chlorine thats the problem, very high levels, i cannot comment on uk as i have not been for literally hundreds of years :eek:, though i imagine places like london must have high chemicals.

thanks again.
Call me a filthy hippy if you like,but could you take the 'freshening up in the sea option' ?
For just the week (or two) not so bad,I've done this myself before when there was not much other choice.I'm not trying to make a joke here btw, I hope you find a solution,good luck with it :)
Seriously though,you can sponge yourself down with bottled water after,get rid of most of the salt.