Warm Up Bars!!

good idea but never got round to it cos its never released very early and prone to changes. mambo is always a winner. morillo, sanchez, emerson, jules, and many more play regularly + resident pete gooding who is wicked
There's always different people at the different bars, but you won't have any problems findin out who and where, trust me. If you don't see the thousands of flyers posted around (some a couple days before), I'm sure you'll have enough people coming up to you and giving you a mini-flyer of who's playing where. My favs were Coastline and Mambo... saw some amazing talent there.
anyone know where the warmup bar for Judgement Sundays is this Sunday, we onlt get there in the afternoon so wont have much time to find out whats going on b4 we head out!!!!

5 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!