Warehouse Project 2009 - Manchester

was meant to go to goodgreef last year but had to give it a miss

could definetly be on the cards this year if i have the money
O'Callaghan stole the show at Goodgreef, they also had an Easter special with PVD at Warehouse, that was also a v.v.v.good night!
Such an amazing venue! One of the best events on the planet!!

Yeah it's good - you should try the Arches in Glasgow.

Warehouse Project is basically a smaller version.

Oh yeah - Zip, Minilogue and Onur Ozer are already booked for Cocoon @ Warehouse this year - 20th November.
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I'll probably do a few of these seeing as it's only a 10 minute walk from where I live. I always have a decent night there as there is usually a good crowd of us but I don't really rate the venue that much tbh.

It's nice to have these events on our doorstep but it totally kills the smaller clubs in the city when it's on which is a shame.
Soooo looking forward to seeing Sneak and Zip!! Least 3 nights to book tickets for.

Anyone else going to SHM too? :arrow: