Wanted... Ibiza sim card

hey mikey,

How u doin????

BTW what's script anyways if u wanna take u're fone over with u, me and my friends wanna do it, can u tell me what i wood do, do i keep it O2 or does it chg to another spanish network???

And how wood i top it up, can u help ????

Luv Tinks xxxxxxx
It changes automatically, but I think you have to arrange something with your provider first. I took my phone over both years but I can't rememebr what I did :confused:

It's expensive as f*** mind you, might be better to get it changed properly to a Spanish provider if you're going to be staying across there for a while. The best thing to do would be to phone 02.

I think i'll fone O2, how u've been anyways??????

hey tink long time no see... what ya bin up 2?

btw. if you wanna take a phone over then your best getting it unlocked so it accepts other networks and the buy a movistar or similar sim card in ibiza (60 euros and it comes with 45 euros credit) thats the easiest way
I've been great, went to Xmas Rhumba for Slam, Dave Seaman, Seb Fontaine and Oliver Klein which was an awesome night! Went too quick though, too many people to speak to and not enough dancing time. Ended up in VIP speaking pish to some of the DJs and people from M8 Magazine! :eek: :lol:

Went to see Fergie and Don Diablo at Glam as well and was well impressed as I wasn't expecting much. Fergie has improved a lot since I seen him in Ibiza in July, he's playing sort of hard tribal and some techno, a lot better than the mindless shite he used to play. Don Diablo can only be described as BANGING! However I would never pay to go to a Glam event cos they are rip off marchants (it's great having inside contacts that give you free tickets mind you) ;)