want to be back on the island...


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I was on Ibiza 03rd to 12th august. It was the fifth time there and NOT the LAST!!!!
Sunday, 04th: Privilege Tunnel: great atmosphere, not crowded, good house music, super to dance :p we payed only 12,50 €
kisses to Uli
Monday, 05th: Pacha Roger Sanchez: the best night...so good music...the man was great!! we payed: 35 € ohhh, it was so great!!
Wednesday, 07th: El Divino: the disco is nice every year...relaxing on the terrace...dancing to good music!
Friday, 09th: Las Salinas...the best beach with nice people and music!!
Saturday, 10th: bora bora :p
Sunday, 11th: savannah...we enjoyed the sunset!!! 8)
In the other nights, we enjoyed Eivissa...the fireworks on thursday...
Ibiza-I will come back!!

PS: We stayed in club playa d'en bossa!! It was great-like last year...we met so nice people and perhaps new friends!!!

We were not in Space :oops: but I heard it was so crowded on sunday, 11th because of the birthday party...

Space was really crowded on the 11th it was so bad we actually left!! There was hardly enough room to stand on the terrace let alone dance!! it was a pity too because Eric Morillo was playing a really good set.

I'm sure if we had been more drunk or under the influence we would have stayed longer. :(
alrighty there lushcrew.......

i was there with you the same night and yes it was busy on the terrace.... we managed to get right in front of the dj booth for morillos set and funnily enough once we started dancing we got a wee bit of space, we left about 2am as im not to keen on space inside as that was packed for sasha.....

so did we have a good one then?