Visiting June 7th - June 15th....HELP???



This is my first post on this site. I am coming from Chicago IL, US, to visit Ibiza for the first time in June, meeting people in Ibiza. :lol:
We are pretty diversified on music, hard house, Euro, techno etc... Timo Maas, PVD, Psycho Bitch, Josh Wink. I love Space and Crobar in Miami, Crobar Chicago(closed right now), Vision sometimes, etc. What clubs are the best in Ibiza??
We are booking hotels now and I would like advice on the best places to stay, close to the parties and action (clean and nice)??
Also, when are the opening parties, do I need to get on any list etc??
I am so excited to party in Ibiza! Any advice is really appreciated. Also is June still a good time to come, or too early?
Thanks for any help! ;)
Check out the Calender for the club dates - opening parties will be busy so aim to get there early (before 1am).

Jet appartments in Playa D'en Bossa generally appeal to the clubbing set and come highly reccommende so I suggest you look there!

If there are more than 4 of you, try to blag a villa for a week

Try - they did me a great deal for the week and you can get the villas without flights (dunno if you can book them outside the UK, but worth a try!

:) :)
Too Early?

Thanks for the info, I was looking at the calender, all the opening parties are the week after we leave. :evil: Will it still be worth the trip to come before the opening parties? I can find beach in the states. I am looking to party ibiza style... lemme know! Thanks! :cry:
I think you schould go a week later or you´ll iss out on a LOT of the action!
How about going in the end of June instad?Otherwise only Pacha and El Devino will be open.......