Hey guys,

Some friends and I will be visiting the White Ilse for the first time this summer. I was wondering if anyone here could offer some sound advice as to the best ways of purchasing tickets for some of the bigger clubs.

Would you recommend pre-ordering some tickets before we get out there? or is it easy enough to get hold of them on the island?

Any comments would be greatly appriciated

there is absolutely no problem in getting tickets out in ibiza, i've never ever heard of clubs running out of tickets!!!

i sometime get them on the night at 2am!!! 8)

so no preordering necessary, just turn up and enjoy!
I just got back and I would highly recommend going to smaller cafes or bars and getting tickets there or flyers for cheaper door prices. We saved a ton. On the last night we paid 15 for a pass for Privilege and 30 (for both of us) when we got there. Had we just gone straight there, it would have been 80 for the two of us. If in San Antonio, There are people outside of the Cafe Del Mar selling these. There were guys at every resteraunt who offerd them by our hotel too. :D
i'll be there for the first time in 19 days... Do i have to worry about people selling bogus tickets? do you get them from the cafe/bars or random guys selling them?