Virgin Info??


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Hello all,
I'm planning a trip in Mar or Apr '09 for my wife & I. I found a vacation deal on for 5 nights & flight from FL, USA for $2200 (Los Molinos Hotel). Is it easy to get around the island for cheap without a car? & would $1500 be enuff for 6 days in heaven? Any info/recommendation is helpful. Thanks in advance
March/April is out of season... Pacha will be open at weekends but none of the other clubs will be open until Late May, early June.

I reckon the weather will be ok so if your not too bothered about the clubs, could be good trip!

Im not sure what the bus service is like out of season but im sure the taxi's run.. just not as many...
$1500 will be more than enough for 6 days bearing in mind that only a couple of clubs will be open when you are there.

If you are going for the clubbing side of Ibiza then you should go from the middle of June onwards.