Villa for Rent in Ibiza for the whole 2 months


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House up for rent to a seasonal worker, available now till approx mid September.

Let me know if you're interested.... ;)
Villa for rent

For further info, please contact our agent in Ibiza: Houseland co []. The house is for block rental only, ie 2 or 2 1/2 months, till 11 September (when I get there myself)

Houseland can email you all photos etc. It's located 3 min north-east of San Rafael, it's a 3 bedroom villa in fully mature garden (sorry no pool yet), and the gardener lives in the cottage at the bottom.

Hope you like it...

Hello djkrizz,

Unfortunately, it's Houseland Co that has all the details of prices.....their email is above.
Speak to Diana (or failing that Sophie) and they will give you all the info

Good luck