Villa: Can Toni Den Musson, Santa Eulalia


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Guys, Im organising a trip for a group of us out to Ibiza in September.
Ive been looking around at accomodation options and have come up with a few choices.
Just wondering if anyone has ever stayed in Can Toni Den Musson, a 5 bed villa, in Santa Eulalia, which jamesvillas offer. I know the location problems and need for car as I know the island fairly well but just wondering if anyone had ever stayed in the villa or used jamesvillas before.
Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Also, if anyone else had ideas about any other villas on the market for approx 10 people. Thanks
Well I'm going with James Villas in June, we've got a villa out of the way in San Jose so I'll let you know how we find them.

I looked at loads of potential places to stay in, but James Villas came out significantly cheaper (Same price as Appartments in the end).