very mysterious sound at space 9/14


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heard this trackfor the first time last sunday. has a very eary sound to it... not really a really thick baseline or drums but mostly a womans voice and maybe synths.... i THINK the record jacket has a picture of a womans face on it as i saw a couple guys jump upo on the tables in front of the dj in the main room to find out what that track was.... i should have done the same as that is the best track i have heard so far since i have been here in ibiza-.
'david guetta - a little more love' has a womans face on the front. Though its a slightly feminine male vocal. Its not really an eerie track though.

dub pistols - problem is (john creamer & stephan k mix) is sorta eerie but again has a male vocal. Havent got many ideas at the mo but i'll have a think.
it kinda sounded like something u would hear in india... not really any lyrics more of just a women humming kinda thing
i know the track you're speaking about
im searching for it like a crazy
sven vath plays it often too , and it is not a techno track !
its very slow , its a woman singing in portuguese , and the
voice has a sweet echo , ot maybe are more women singing the same
then it has some drums ... but always slow and calm
please help !