Venue Technical Engineer looking for summer work 2003



Hi, My name is Chris. I am currently a student at Warwick University and work part time as a technical engineer for the students union, Outside Broadcast engineer for BBC Three Counties Radio and technical assistant at Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden.

I am trained in sound, lighting and audio visual set-up and operation. For sound: I currently set-up systems ranging from 100W PA systems to 18KW front of house band and club events. For lighting: I have used scans, Golden scans, moving heads, strobes etc and am fully trained in programming and use of an Avolites Pearl 2000 (without graphics tablet). My A/V experience ranges from simple computer visualisations to live camera mixing of stage events.

My preferred taste of music is house and trance and for this reason, am hoping to gain a job this summer in a venue in Ibiza. Due to touring with a band across Italy in July, I am after work for August and September 2003.

Thank you in advance,