Vegetarian food and motorcycle hire



The missus is a converted hardcore vegetarian (no eggs even!) Any places that she can eat at? Would have to live on bread and water in case there isn't.

Also, how much does it cost to hire a motorcycle (100-150CC) in Ibiza and are there any cheap agencies operating in San Antonia. Motosud and Motoluis (featured in this site) are expensive. My car hire for Spain (mainland) is 50% of what these guys are quoting!!

Do beep in case anybody knows anything....
the mediterranean diet is well suited to vegetarians. plenty of veg, salads and fruits. most places will be more than happy to change things on the menu to keep your wife happy. or pop into any tapas bar where there will be a good selection of meat free dishes.

not so sure on motrbikes though. there are lots of agencies in san an and ibiza but i can't give a comparison on price with the ones you've tried already. to be honest i don't think there will be that much difference.

i said somewhere else that the cost of insurance for 2 wheelers has pushed up hire costs so that they can be dearer than car hire.

it would cost me more to insure a scooter than my car!!
Thanks Stephen
How much should one budget for 3 days (excluding hotel) on the latter half of June for 1 night of clubbing and general sightseeing and hanging out at pubs and eateries. We are on a low budget...unlike most messages that I've read here.. :(
not so sure on the clubbing budget - they cost a lot of money to enter and then some if you want to buy a drink.

i suppose it depends on why you want to see ibiza what your budget will be. if you want a 'formula' night out you'll be paying roughly 3 times as much as i do when i go out.

if you see a place crowded with young europeans - it's expensive and the service probably won't be upto much. eg 1 small beer €3

on the other hand a local bar/restaurant/tapas place or a combination of all three will set you back about €15 to get full and pleasantly drunk for the evening eg 1 small beer €1

of course there are so many places all over the island that there will be a great difference in style price and ambience. just let the above serve as an extremely rough guide.