Vaguest track ID request EVER


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Guys if anyone can help with this I'll be amazed I have searched high & low for clues but nothing. Heard this tune more than anything else this summer, by Sister Bliss @ Pacha & as Space. All I can tell you is the following: It was very distinctive in that it's main hook was a sub-bass tone that started low and rose steadily in pitch over about 8 bars continuously through the track. minimal sounding track, thought it would have been by Audiojack or Maskio or something like that, in fact if you go to DJDOWNLOAD and listen to Mike Monday - Zum Zum (Audiojack Remix) about 5 minutes in, it was very similar to that with the rizing tones in it. for the main breakdown all the drums dropped out and there was just this bass sound raising up in pitch and at the end of the 8 / 16 bars the drums kicked in again and the bass sound sample started again as a low pitched note... and everyone went nuts!

Please help!
Ah - that's not it, but I did hear that too at Space & it took the roof off! The rising bass tone in the track I'm looking for is a deeper more consistantly rising sound - in the one you suggested it's a raw sound made from altering the looping point of the sample... can you suggest anything else that fits the bill? Randon I know...
The tune I was trying to ID was: Picotto vs Papini-Gonna Get Ya (Original Dub) [Big In Ibiza] - what an anthem - totally dark, but a massive huge tune - so minimal and hard but so uplifting.