V.I.P tickets for the bigger clubs.

LOL, hey I represent that comment! HAHA. Though I am really considering getting the Tourist VIP section passes when I go, I have the money to blow so why not blow it? If it's not worth it I'll pass next time. (Assuming the price isn't to much more.) So Ibiza Make way for this Tourist Geek with Money! WOOT! haha.

Yea its worth a one off visit I suppose, just to say that you did it. If you have the cash most places will welcome your wallet with open arms and no need to pay, just spend behind the very expensive bar...

Attach some bling or increase the power and you guys in the USA will buy anything...:lol::lol:
We will not buy anything! LOL Ok so maybe we will, I do actually own a Claymore, a coin counter, and many many other things that I never actually put to any use. Hey I never regreat anything I though so I'll waist that money and still smile. (Probably because I'm laughing at myself for being an idiot)
Will James Beattie be on said trip? Or will he have been shipped to Hull by then?

If you answer this honestly i will sort you VIP to 'Play2' nightclub in westend:lol:
i am not necessarily interested in VIP tickets ... but can anybody tell me how to get cheap tickets for the clubs? is it cheaper with a flyer?

i've never been to any ibiza club ... that's why i am asking you guys!

Yea... thats more or less what they are like, but that rope means an awful lot to some people as it makes them feel better or "Special" and separates them from the great unwashed on the floor.

The VIP is worth a visit, just to have a look and experience the Vibe behind that "Magical" rope. Some people you find in there are wannabe Prima Donas more interested in looking the part rather than being the part. Half them don't realise that they are in the Tourist VIP section, which is like a holding area for sheep and geeks with money.

Dont expect to bump into any celebs though...they are all in the "Real VIP" areas where access is highly restricted to us mere mortals.

Not necessarily true. Ran into Kevin Spacey in the Hip Hop room. Some of them will chill with the rest of us.