V embarrased to be asking for this one but....


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What is the title of that really well known one that goes:

It's a beautiful beautiful scene, it's a soul, soul heaven etc etc...

I think Lisa Millett sung it.

If it has the very obvious title of 'Soul Heaven' then why the feck can't I find it on Kazaa?
The Class A mix (the third mix on the 12") is a corker too.
Yup, I like that one too! But there is one with a really driving bassline which is good for those, "I'm going out" moments. Which one is that? Anybody know?
I heard what i thought was a terrible screeching during 'Shakedown-at night' at the Subliminal/Underwater closing last year.

Looked up from my dancing to see the magnificent sight of Terra Deva destroying her own record