Urgent assistance needed.........



......................on getting hold of a tune!!!

Gee & Pig Bwog - Take U Inside, has been hammered at Bora Bora all summer (by Dj Gee etc) and also played by Dj Gee on Pete Tongs Essential Selection on the Radio 1 weekend (2nd tune!!), it really does rock but I'm having trouble finding it on the Web, I know its on Bora Bora records but I'm not having much joy, can anyone help???? Direct me to where I can download it or someone may have it and can zip the file to me.

Hope you can help!!!!
I havent got it yet i'm afraid, this ones a bit saught after as is the accelerate one. FYI the full title:

Gee 'N' Pig Bwoy "Take u inside" (Bora Bora Records/Hablando)

Bora bora records dont even have a website and i dont think they hand out their promos very much thus making them a bit rare. Hablando records are very new, suposedly only one full release (chicken lips) and i think they are a sub label of 'media records' (http://www.mediarec.de) yet they are not listed on their website as far as i can see. Media records have released a few gee tracks when he uses the alias 'gee moore'.

Anyway, this is supposedly dj gee's email addy:

I havent tried it but thats according to MOS. If it is, i hope everyone doesnt go hammering loads of emails his way otherwise he'll prob change it. My guess is he doesnt use the internet much otherwise his label would have a website.

I'll keep an eye out for it though, i'm sure it will turn up soon. I'll let u know.
I've got some good news for you. After searching my CD collection I stumbled upon "bora bora beach life 2001" which has te song on it !!!

I will convert it into Mp3 for ya. Will get back to you

dam0 said:
Oops found it now myself. Its the album rip by the looks of things, 7:30 long?

Yep :D Is it already in mp3 ?

Do you know I got hold of this album for only € 7 :eek: :eek:
Must have been a year ago now, it was stashed under a pile of crappy sales CD's. Like a gem in a .... :D :D
Cheers for searching for me fellas (pressuming here??!!!), if and when you get a chance to zip it accross I would much appreciate it!!!

Cheers in advance>>
It's an album rip, so the last 10 seconds or so, Gee starts to mix in the next song. Pass me your e-mail if you want it though ?
That's spot on, I'm used to getting out of the mix before the dj who mixed on the original CD mixes out to the next track, sometimes its the only way to get the tracks you want without buying the vinyl!!!

You can send it to either dw@kitchenrangefoods.co.uk or pickuup@boltblue.com, either way if you can zip it that'll be great as it will take up less mail space.

We've got this crappy server, which won't alow large messages to be sent :x .

I will keep trying but better put yer hopes up on Dam0.
neither of your accounts can accept the file. we will have to arrange another way of transferring it.