Update to Sander K night @ Pin Up

cannot remember Rob but he is one half of the latest Yoshitoshi mix album "In House We Trust 3" with Luke Fair
played Edinburgh recently with Luke Fair to launch the album - from the people on the Colours board - it was well received and he is indeed..one to watch
unsure - the bio at the booking agency site doesn't say but i think he is British...but don't quote me on that.

he played Iberican Sound last year
He's the new quarterly resident at Progression @ The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh.

He is being tipped as progressive's “F*ture Hero” stated by Deep Dish, Sander Kleinenberg and Danny Howells.

Desyn Masiello is a rare breed of DJ. Desyn is one of the most talented and upfront DJs in the world. His ear for a tune has become a hallmark; consistently picking up unknown, exclusive tracks and turning them into dance floor monsters; this makes his every set a spectacular event. Desyn’s performances display a wide range of music and styles, from classics to deep sexy, groovy, house to funky, progressive, tech house. His upfront style and extensive selection of material has earned him recognition and praise from the very highest levels. Desyn’s DJ sets are now increasingly being demanded at the best clubs around the world.

“If you’re lucky enough to have caught one of Desyn Masiello’s rare UK gigs, you’ll know he is one of clublands brightest talents just now” M8 Oct 2002

Desyn is hard at work in the studio with recognized producers and partners, 16B and Leon Roberts (UBU). Leon and Desyn have completed a sinister remix of “Psycho Ex-Girlfriend” – unreleased; there is currently a massive, label, bidding war for an original “Feel The Rush Rasheed” by 16B, Masiello and Roberts. Desyn’s edits consist of Blondie’s “Rapure” and “West London Deep”. He is currently working, for Yoshitoshi, on a special edit of Brother Brown’s “King’s of Tomorrow” with partner Leon.

Alternative Route Recordings was set up and is run by Desyn. His first release was the mighty ‘KC Flightt – ‘Voices’, charted at No.1 by Deep Dish and played by almost every premier league DJ. The success of this long-overlooked track is testament to Desyn’s A&R ability to unearth superb originals, both new and old; releases on Alternative Route include tracks from producers Creamer & K, 16B and DJ Vibe. The label is being recognized for its diverse range of tracks like the current “Seduction” Funktion as well as Paul Hamill’s “Access Psycatron” and “Electric Mistress” Guy Gerber.

‘SEXONWAX’ is a new label set up by Desyn and 16B. Although it is an outlet for the trio’s (including Leon Robert’s) productions, tracks by Frederik, Mr. C and Tom Paris have already been released. Desyn’s remix of Solar Plexus “Solar Plexus” is to be released on this, as well as four outstanding 16B and Masiello superb originals.

Having Dj’d for 9 years, in 1999, Desyn was signed up by Sony to perform exclusively for their sponsored events; he notably span at one of the UK’s biggest events – Creamfields then V98 music festival and the Sony Birthday with Danny Howells. Due to a combination of factors, Desyn’s reputation and workload has rocketed. Since 2000 Desyn’s career has expanded worldwide; with Deep Dish’s exclusive US booking agency, Bullitt, signing him in 2001. 2002 kept Desyn packed with tours and performances. He kicked the year off doing a highly acclaimed CD covermount for DJ Magazine (WMC issue). Headlining at Glastonbury with Digweed and Carl Cox; performing for 6 hours at Plus Soda (Greece) as well as his 4 and 5 hour residencies at Space & Spin, Miami; he has headlined for Gatecrasher, Ku (Israel), Centro 360 (Singapore), Kremlin (Amsterdam), Gig on the Green (with Carl Cox, Oakenfold and Prodigy), Redbox (Ireland) and not forgetting Union (Leeds) and the Cream (Liverpool).

Desyn was a regular in Ibiza headlining five times at Privilege, Iberican Sounds as well as performing alongside Creamer and Sharam (Deep Dish) at Privilege, Renaissance. 2003 has begun with a residency bang where he is honoured to be playing for Progression (Edinburgh), Cult Club (Switzerland) and Vaticano (Portugal), alongside DJ Vibe. January has already seen Desyn through Sweden, Greece Istanbul (Switch Club); later this month he is setting off to Portugal and Asia to play in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore (Zouk); February will see him headline alongside Sander Kleinenberg and tour around Eastern Europe. It is evident that 2003 is set to be a big year. Desyn Masiello is without question one of the UK’s finest new talents. His passion to make each set so unique, from music in the past, present and f*ture, allows Desyn to stand out from the thousands of other new DJs trying to break through
its Thursdays @ Pin Up

unsure if its every thursday

Sander K plays bi-weekly
only guests so far are Low End Specialists (2 dates) and Desyn Masiello (1 date)

Spotlights party calendar gives the dates
some advice from the spotlight speacalists please,...

on 31st july, do i attend MOS feat Rampling or Everybody feat Sander K?

it appears to be a easy choice for me but im not 100% sure...
If you've not been to Pacha do MOS
If you've not been to Pin-up do Sander K
If you've been to both choose your fave venue as both nights will rock
I would take Sander over Rampling anyday of the week, regardless the venue.

Saw Rampling @ Amnesia last year and didn't like him at all. CJ Mackintosh followed him and was much better.
I've got the Yoshitoshi 'In House We Trust 3' and it's extremely good, it's out later this month and I'd recommend buying it most definately. ;)