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Alright i know this is IBIZA-spotlight.. but before you yell at me.. i'm going to be spending 2 nights in London @ the 1st contact Hostel - London bridge before i come to ibiza.. right in front of London Bridge apparently! wooo.. i've never been to London before.. and to be honest i can tell you what i'm going to be doing each hour where and when in ibiza but i have no clue as what to do in London!! I know this site is full of London'ers so gimme some advice people! what are some fun things to do in London!! THANKS
SHOP, SHOP, SHOP man...holy shitt london is just primed for gettin new gear. Check out bond, carnaby, oxford streets and whatever fancies u. We spent 2 days in london as well, and thats what we did. Dont go to a club and save ur energy for ibiza...trust me u'll be GLAD u did. ;)

Aug 27th and 28th I shall be in London!!! I really want to visit Westminster Abby for some reason.. And you know... do the one most touristy thing get a picture standing by one of the Palace gaurds..
Hum, you are there in the middle of the week...

Go to a place called The Social, close to Picadilly Circus (I don't know the exact address). It is a nice little "lounge-bar", where they play a lot of amazing music.. and it is a popular DJ hangout!

I can't think of anything else for now..