Unkle - never neverland


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Just listenin to unkle's new album and it's been real good so far, i would say i defo recommend it but i'll wait till i've listened to the whole thing :)

³ 01 back and forth
³ 02 eye 4 an eye
³ 03 in a state
³ 04 safe in mind
³ 05 i need something stronger
³ 06 what are you to me
³ 07 panic attack
³ 08 invasion
³ 09 reign
³ 10 glow
³ 11 inside

If robo was here he'd be blowing his top cos he thought he'd bought this before from hmv but it was a bootlegged cd of the unkle essential mix! Muhahaha!

Release date 22nd sept

01 Back And Forth
02 Eye For An Eye
03 In A State - ft. Mani
04 Safe In Mind (Please Get This Sun Out From My Face) - ft. Josh Homme
05 I Need Something Stronger - ft. Brian Eno & Jarvis Cocker
06 What Are You To Me?
07 Panic Attack
08 Invasion - ft. 3D
09 Reign - ft. Mani & Ian Brown
10 Glow - ft. Joel Cadbury
11 Inside
12 Bonus*

*The UK release will have a bonus track 'Awake
The Unkind' and the US release will feature the Keith
Flint colaboration 'No Pain, No Gain'

Go and buy this cd.

like damo i've had it on md for a while, but its an amazing album! GO AND BUY IT! :p