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Hello all,

Not sure if I'm allowed todo this, however myself and my friend started a company with huge expectations for summer 2021, however covid hit!
Our passion is Ibiza and mental health as we've but suffered, however as I'm sure you're aware problems go away when in Ibiza!

Sadly due to covid we've not been able to support the mental health charity MIND here in the UK, so we released a line of clothing with 10% of profits going to MIND. Feel free to purchase! ;)

As we are a new-ish company we've started a podcast to generate interest and we really enjoy producing. Below is a link to the podcast if you wanted to take a listen and give any feed back.

Website - https://unitedbyhouse.co.uk

Podcast links:
Youtube - Click Here
Apple Music - Click Here
Soundcloud - Click Here
Mixcloud - Click Here

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