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Hello all,

Not sure if I'm allowed todo this, however myself and my friend started a company with huge expectations for summer 2021, however covid hit!
Our passion is Ibiza and mental health as we've but suffered, however as I'm sure you're aware problems go away when in Ibiza!

Sadly due to covid we've not been able to support the mental health charity MIND here in the UK, so we released a line of clothing with 10% of profits going to MIND. Feel free to purchase! ;)

As we are a new-ish company we've started a podcast to generate interest and we really enjoy producing. Below is a link to the podcast if you wanted to take a listen and give any feed back.

Website - https://unitedbyhouse.co.uk

Podcast links:
Youtube - Click Here
Apple Music - Click Here
Soundcloud - Click Here
Mixcloud - Click Here

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Hello all,

Didnt know where to post this, this is mine and my friends business based around our passion for Ibiza and mental health.

Website www.unitedbyhouse.co.uk any thoughts would be great :) We also have a podcast every two weeks feel free to check out.

-------------------------------------------------------Text taken from the 'About us' page------------------------------------------------------------------------

United By House was founded in late 2019 by Reece & Jamie, two young entrepreneurs with a passion for house music.

The brand vision is to create a movement which unites us all through our love for house music.

Everyone has those days where they put on a brave face right? But behind that can be a magnitude of worries and stress.

One of the visions behind the United By House brand is to do our part in the global drive to raise awareness and overcome the stigma of mental health. When attending live music events, everyone is there for the music and to have a good time. When you are on the dance floor, all your worries seem to disappear for the few hours that you are there. As avid lovers of house music, we have attended many raves and there is always a sense of togetherness, where people from all walks of life are free to express themselves however they like.

Both of us have had our own experiences with mental health and we find music is the perfect escape. Raves are a great way to forget about your problems whether it be in a sweaty warehouse in your local town, or a super club like Amnesia in Ibiza.

A 10% donation of the profits made from each sale will go to MIND, which is a mental health charity in the UK that supports people who are struggling with their mental health.

For a while now, we have been making the yearly pilgrimage to the white isle as it has to be our favourite place in the world.

The end goal of the brand is to have our own summer club residency there.

If you want to know more about us drop us a message!

Reece & Jamie
Co Founders

-------------------------------------------------------Text taken from the 'About us' page------------------------------------------------------------------------


Just to follow up, if anyone wanted to support us and our passion o support MIND (mental health charity here in the UK) you can use code 'FB10' at checkout for 10% any of the tee's.

Thanks again :)