Is it me or is underwater the best night on the Island?! I went last weeka dn this week and it blows the ass off of everything else I have been too! Emerson is possibly the best dj i have ever seen?I loved it when he went all acid at the end lat night!! cant wait for x press 2 next week though...!! :twisted:
The Underwater opening party was fantastic.

Highlight in the main room was Emerson, who was class but should lay off the Pioneer FX unit until he learns how to work it as good as Morillo ;) . Tim Deluxe and Richard Scanty were both spot on, and totally rocked it. Nice little vocal interlude from Robert Owens as well.

More effort had been put into the decor than Subliminal Underwater last year.

Westwood made a good go of the Global Room and Goldfinger ripped it with some tougher stuff. Who'd have thought you could ever make people dance to Justin Timberlake at Pacha? When Scratch Perverts etc. come in here, it should go right off.

Low point was definitely Fatboy Slim- terrible :evil: :evil: . He just played a random sequence of records, indulged in atrocious mixing (seemed incapable of counting to 4 or hearing whether beats matched), his choice of music was often unsuitable for the Pacha vibe, and he was absolutely torturing the sound system (when the level indicator lights on the mixer are going of the top of the red bit you're supposed to ease off a bit). There were more people trying to shake his hand than there were dancing during his set.

I think separating from Subliminal wasn't the best idea. It was the combination of Morillo and Emerson, and their contrasting but complimentary styles that was so special. They justified it by saying they wanted to give their label mates better exposure, but I'm sure they don't mind nearly packing out two nights at Pacha each week instead of just the one.

I think Underwater will probably do better than Subliminal this summer, despite the absence of Erick "King of Ibiza" Morillo.
Thanks for the heads up. My favorite night last summer was Underwater with Tim Deluxe and Darren Emerson. I arrive next week - July 1st, just in time for Underwater :D
by faaaaaaaaaaaaaar the best night, I dont think Norman was that bad though? Darren definitely has the Pacha crowd down to a T on both opening party and last Tuesday, he jus totally knew what we wnated and Terra Deva was a lil mix on Tuesday night! I think she is the new vocalist on Tim Deluxe´s new track?? Im sooo loving being out her! its all about Underwater Tuesdaya nd Space on Sundays for me...
AndyB, taking over from Westwood in the Global Room played Justin .. *chuckle* .. everyone was so so into the whole vibe of the night but this just fitted in really well !
I'm usually a bit of a trance head but went to the Underwater opening. Richard Scanty bored the pants off me but I really liked Fatboy Slim and Darren Emmerson (left b4 Tim Deluxe came on)

Will deffinately go back to Underwater in September
Just got back from a week in Ibiza and Underwater was a top night. Groove Armada ripped it up and Emerson was decent too. The funky room was rockin' at 6am when Alex P and Block were largin' it on the dancefloor with their tranny mate.

Subliminal was also quality with Jose Nunez (piss artist) and Morillo (stoner). The joints were flowing all night long in the DJ booth along with the vodka limon's. Morillo best DJ on the island by far.
Underwater-24th June-CDs?

We didnt even plan to go to underwater but ended up going there... It was the best night of the week!Music was amazing,so was the atmosphere and Terra deva was class.

Does anyone know how i can get the mixes from the main room from the 24th? is there a CD or does anybody have it on the net to download?

Re: Underwater-24th June-CDs?

maxmax said:
Does anyone know how i can get the mixes from the main room from the 24th? is there a CD or does anybody have it on the net to download?


you generally can't, its near impossible to find live mixes from ibiza via the internet....however there are a few floating around.