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underground is open on fridays - from midnight to 6 am!! :D


in related news - mr c has revealed in an interview to http://www.space-ibiza.com that
superfreak will be at underground again next summer!! :p

You held a residency at the Underground in Ibiza every Tuesday through the summer, what
are you doing for 2004 on the famous White Isle?
”Superfreak at Underground Ibiza was special this year, and next year I’ll be doing it all over
again. I’ll be sticking with Tuesdays, as it’s the most difficult night of the week. As you guys
know Tuesday is a recovery night on the White Island, as Space throws the mother of all
party’s on Sunday as well as there being Zenith at La Diosa. Monday is Circoloco at DC10,
then Pin Up, then Cocoon at Amnesia, or Manumission at Privilege and for those with any
energy left whatsoever on Tuesday morning find themselves at Space again for the Carry On
and then on to Bora Bora. So needless to say everyone is f***ed by Tuesday night... Also on
Tuesday night Carl Cox and Darren Emerson do their own events at Space and Pacha, which
keeps the tourists away from Superfreak - perfect... No sheep, only shepherds! ( :lol: ) Which
is why I think Superfreak was the best thing on the Island in 2003. Tuesdays at Underground
again it shall be for 2004! In 2003 I also played at What’s up? for my friend Kato, at both
Pacha (five times,) and on the terrace of Amnesia for Cocoon (three times.) I also played for
Circoloco four times, so as you can see I put myself about quite a lot. In 2004 I’ll be playing
elsewhere a lot less, as I want to concentrate more on Superfreak. If people in Ibiza really
want to hear Mr C play in 2004 then they will have to sacrifice something on Sunday or
Monday to have the energy to come hear me play on Tuesday at Underground.”

summer closing :arrow: october 8th with Mr. C and juanito

winter opening :arrow: october 15th (open every friday from midnight till 6am)
McRackin said:
will re-open around easter
i told ya..........

- friday 25th @ underground -

:arrow: dez brolley (the mao rooms)
:arrow: jean cedric (guaraná)

this is the *secret* party organized by allister (manumission) that was rumoured to happen at bambuddha grove. last year for easter (april 9th to be exact) he did the first supper at dino's in ibiza nueva (closed at the moment) and after its success it carried out every week as the best supper...........


allister @ bliss (plaza del parque)