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My first Old Skool mix in a long time and on the 3rd attempt ive finished it and i have to say im very pleased with the outcome.

This is the sound of Underground Rave/Hardcore, you wont hear these tunes on some crap Ministry Of Sound (Ministry of Sh*te) compilation who have a tendency to release an old skool CD every other year with the same old tunes on it,cashing in as they do :spank:

Anyway hope you like it, any feedback welcome. :)

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1-Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes
2-Tribal Underground - Hit Da Floor
3-Yolk - Bish Bosh
4-Foul-Play - Ricochet
5-D-M-S- Exterminate (Day Of The Hardcore)
6-Lewi Cifer - Feel The Panic
7-Nebula II - X-Plore H-Core
8-Order 2 Move - Fresh Contex (2 Move Ya Mix)
9-Noise Factory - The Dungeon
10-D-M-S- Love Overdose (Remix)
11-Rhythm Section - Atomic Bass (Remix)
12-DJ Soobie - Mash Up The Speakers
13-MK 13 - Techzone
14-Eat Life - Back To Basics
15-Underground Software - Conscious Lyrics
16-White Label 91 - The Appliance Of Science