uh oh oliver cheatams back!


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Just got the promo release of:
The Miami Collective ft Oliver Cheatam & Jocelyn Brown - Mindbuster

It comes with 2 mixes:
[II Fingers dub] 06:45
[Club mix] 06:06

My verdict... Its not bad, quite soulful and Maw-esqe. Contains a bit off a rip off guitar that sounds just like stardust. Which i guess isnt a bad thing. The vocal is pretty nice and i've always liked jocelyn browns voice and it suits the track well. However, i think the track needs a bit more verse. It seems like the whole track is just a chorus over and over.

The 'II fingers dub' however is more up tempo and up to date. With a nice electro sounding pad riff working through the song i reckon it could really get the terrace going. Its a shame there isnt more of the vocals used in the break because i think that would sway me towards it even more.

Expect this one to do well. If it doesn't i'll... ah well i dont really care :D