Yep...Am slowly getting addicted and am even considering this cage stuff myself.Very pleased to know they have an MMA gym just up the road...:):):)
We don't have one near me so, I gotta kinda make do. I'd love to give it a shot one day a few years down the track, but lets be realistic, I'm a one hit wonder ;) (One hit and everyone will be wondering if I'm dead or just knocked out)

I been watching best knock outs and best come backs and it makes me want to go out and get my head kicked in. It's just, like, legal fight club I guess, but thats what I love about it.

Some people are so against it because of it's violence, but, I think it's better to train hard and enter the UFC or a martial arts tournament or something competitive as a sport, get your head kicked in and shake hands afterwards, then train and get into a street fight, get your head kicked in, wind up in jail for it and live with a hatred towards someone until you die. For senseless violence, it actually makes perfect sense.
Ive been doing kickboxing for a while now and its a great way to stay in shape. Its a strange deal this MMA stuff because a lot of the fighters are intellectuals with degrees etc.

Mostapha Al Turk trains at the same gym as me and he is in the middle of a 4 fight deal with the UFC. He got mullered in his first fight with Kongo. He packed up his job as a pharmacologist to fight full time.

When you train for it they break down all the elements that get used such as BJJ and Muay Thai etc but as far as I know its not full contact although they stipulate that you bring a gumshield and groin guard.
yeah see, you'd have to train FULL time for it, but like, I allready got so much other **** it's just not possible. At best I could learn 1 or 2 martial arts in my spare time and try to kind of find a combination of style and technique that suits me best as a individual on the off chance someone wants to rumble in the street one day otherwise, hold a fight club of like close friends and stuff.

To participate, I just like the movement aspect. I much rather PLAY a sport than watch others play it. So really, anything I do now as a fighting sport is really in vain as I'll never use any skills gained, but meh. Its nice to dream of being in a ring.
I mainly do it for the fitness but it deffo makes you feel confident that you could handle yourself in a dodgy scenario on the street.

Similar to yourself I'm into loadsa stuff but what started out as a once a week thing has now got me hooked on training and wanting to learn more and my instructor has picked up on that. I train 5 to 6 times a week.

I'm 35 now but feel like I am 18 such is the spark its given me.:)
At the moment the Xbox 360 game is enough for me although I'm tempted to try this MMA lark. If anyone has it and fancies a game my xbox live id is bigmarkyc :D
Yeah when I filled out my form to join up in my chosen martial art, it goes "Why do you want to learn?" I put balance and coordination because, I'm unco. I'm very very clumsy and always tripping over myself and stuff so, thats initially why I joined.

It's not MMA but I think it's a start. The methods are too strict, like, the boundries but I'm taking a Jeet Kune Do philosophy on it. Use whats useful and **** off all the rest and I'm gonna do that with the Tae Kwon Do I learnt for a little bit many years ago and as soon as I get a heavy bag start practicing what I learnt there as well again, just for the sake of it.

Grapples and ****, well, my older brother does BJJ (It has nothing to do with giving head to all those who don't know... But sometimes it looks like it's about to happen.) and to be honest, I think it's a BIT over rated. Like I appreciate it's significance and think it's most definately vital to incoorporate it into a professional fighters range of skills, even a street fighters range of skills, but each person has their own style that works best for them. I think in any fighting situation I'm likely to get into it'll be my fists that connect first and so thats why I want to train them to connect first and thats it, game over. Either knock out or incapacitate the opponent before it has a chance to get to the ground, but realistically, theres ALOT of people out there bigger than me so the chance of them taking me down is high, so I do need a bit of a ground game so, really all I can do for that is learn off DVD's and ****. I can't do BJJ where my brother does it.
I still don't know how to play chess :(

Mortal Kombat chess tho, like on Mortal Kombat Armageddon is grouse :D

Its about skill and variety in that skill.