Tyrant, No Cake, No Shoes!


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-thought I'd move this into the music section meself!

Can I just say that Tyrant 'No Cake, No Shoes' is a really fantastic album.

Craig Richards and Lee Burridge over 2 CDs and 32 tracks. The mixing is great and the tunes really set the whole thing moving, with some beautifull 'live' additions to the mix. Especially CD2!!!

It's about £15 and it's been out a few months, but I recommend anyone to buy it, who hasn't already!

good spot james, will have to look out for that :)

i'm still enjoying satoshi tomiie GU, bought time i got somit new
I assume you have the James Zabiela CD?

I just got the latest fabricLive CD this morning- GROOVERIDER. I brought the CD, bought some batteries and the CD player, but got to the station realising I'd left the headphones at home. Aaaaargh! :confused: