Type of dancing



Im jsut curious as to whether "freak" dancing is popular in Ibiza.
When in Amnesia, I tend to Foxtrot. But in Pacha the only way to go is the Cha cha cha!!! ;) ;) ;)
I tend to do liquid dancing since I like it the most. Freak dancing? hmm I think that it depends upon your definition of freak. (as was stated earlier).
Its grinding very closely to either the front or backside of your partner, and is practiced quite often here in the US. Its almost like sex on the dancefloor
tubtubtub said:
Im jsut curious as to whether "freak" dancing is popular in Ibiza.

Well tub..i dont' see much freakign going on the dance floor unless some nice slow tune is going on...its' difficult to just go up behind a girl you haven't met and starting freaking her.....she'll think you're a freaking idiot ;) no pun intended...u meet the beautiful ladies at the bar and then come dance with them on the nice slow tunes and you may get lucky :)....otherwise when i'm in the clouds my body does what it wants...kinda like water :)

I think from how you have described FREAK dancin then it would be fine as long as you don't just randomly walk up to strangers and do it as they might take offence. Doing it with someone that fancies you would be ok and probably quite nice. I'm usually dancing in my own little world to be bothering with anything like that mind. I'll probably try it with my girlfriend although when you do that all the guy's start leering and getting all excited about it. Strange very Strange.