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Sunday 06.07.03 - Opening Party

- DJ Dean (Hit "Protect Your Ears", Tunnel Records / Sony Music)
>> www.djdean.de

- DJ Krid Kid (Tunnel Records)
DJ Dean
DJ Dean (25) is bringing his thrilling sound to Ibiza this year, too and the isle is going to feel the vibration and spit a lot fire by that! "Play it hard"
at the Privilege! The resident DJ to the Tunnel Club in Hamburg mixes the fattest compilations for Sony Music and is always wanting to enthuse the masses!!

DJ Krid Kid
Coming directly from London to the Privilege he is about to throw to your ears the best thing you have ever heard. The only thing left to do then is to celebrate until your flight back home. DJ Krid Kid (24) is DJ Dean's best collegue and friend at the Tunnel and he will be celebrating with him the Opening Party there.

Sunday 13.07.03

- DJ Special D. (Hit "Come With Me", Warner Music)
>> www.speciald.de

- DJ Shane (Tunnel Records)
Special D.
The beach is not the only place where the beach-boys are. "Come with me" to the Privilege and make the night become day with Special D.! Hot nights, hot sound! Special D. is the Shooting Star and he is proving his talent with his new single "Home Alone".

DJ Shane
BOOM!!! Shane (26) is back at the Privilege. He is bringing along only the best stuff from the Tunnel. Last year he was making the Privilege tremble and it was like "Pure Party with the one and only DJ Shane"!

Sunday 20.07.03

- DJ Dean (Hit "Protect Your Ears", Tunnel Records / Sony Music)
>> www.djdean.de

- DJ Pulsedriver (Hit "Galaxy", Aqualoop Records
/ Universal Music / Zeitgeist)
>> www.pulsedriver.de
DJ Dean
knows exactly what ravers need: hard, tough techtrance sound to the extasy. And that is what is happening tonight again and DJ Dean will give it all as usual! Who wants to see more - no problem: included in his new LP "Protect Your Ears" (Sony) there is a DVD showing the Trance-Master @ work!

DJ Pulsedriver
From the "Galaxy" back to Ibiza he is carring a great, amazing sound in his luggage. Pulsedriver, also known as Pulle (for it is the German slang for bottle and he never goes out without a bottle of vodka), pulls you up to an other dimension and makes the night become real party! This year Pulsedriver won German DJ Award and now he is there for you exclusively at the Privilege!

Sunday 27.07.03

- DJ Kai Tracid (Hit "Contemplate" Tracid Traxx)
>> www.tracid.de

- Albert Vorne (Hit "Indigo Sky" Mazeman Records, Hitland, Italy)
>> www.mazeman.it

- DJ Shoko (Tunnel Records)

- DJane D-Jean-D (Tunnel Records)
DJ Kai Tracid
Who does not know him and his world-wide known Hammer Sound?! Kai Tracid is one of the most famous top DJs from Germany. His single "Contemplate" on the Tracid Traxx is a mega-burner. It is a must to see him and who does not want to do so will be banned from the island! So, see ya @ Privilege!

DJ Shoko
Midsummer is coming. That is the time for DJ Shoko! Shoko's vibes "kick some ass" at the privilege. This his new maxi is having the biggest success in Germany and Holland. Nowadays he is representing the best hard-style since ever. This night will be unforgettable to everybody at the Privilege by the snapping sound from the very southern quarter of Hambug.

Hammer Lady, horny sound! Also this year she is ready to start and she brought to you something very special. So keep on being anxious for it and come over to the Privilege.

Sunday 03.08.03

- DJ Dean (Hit "Protect Your Ears", Tunnel Records / Sony Music)
>> www.djdean.de

- DJ Klubbingman (Hit "Highway To The Sky" Sony Music / Epic)
>> www.klubbingman.de

- DJ Sha & Pedro Del (Sunshine Live Radio)
>> www.sunshinelive.de
DJ Dean
will hot you up this evening, too. If you want to have a foretaste of DJ Dean's Mix at the Privilege, then you should listen to the TUNNEL SHOW - LIVE (www.tunnel.de) on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. CET at the original Tunnel Club and of course see it through 4 switchable webcams.

DJ Klubbingman
WOW! The greatest "Radio Sunshine Live"'s party-smasher is on Ibiza and will take you higher with his sound! Being hot is not enough here! Klubbingman is one of the most successfull Radio DJs and he is realy splendid with productions like "Highway to the Sky".

DJ Shah & Pedro del Mar
Both extremely smart Top-DJs from Stuttgart, who were brilliant at the Privilege last year already, make the masses dance by their very fat beat. Also these two nice chaps' sound you can hear it frequently at Radio Sunshine.

Sunday 10.08.03

- DJ Accuface (Hit "Jet Lag" Tunnel Records)
>> www.accuface.de

- DJ Flashrider (Hit "Attenzione" Universal Music / Urban)
>> www.flashrider.de/
DJ Accuface
He has come to Ibiza without "Jetlag" in order to give us the best of the best. For a long time Accu (as fans call him) was performing as liveact throughout Europe and the USA. Now he is concentrating himself more and more to his DJ career, and he is right, because his phenomenal art of mixing must be admired by everyone! The sound powered by highly loaded Accu goes further than Ibizas edges and it will shake up even Menorca.

DJ Flashrider
Party without Flashrider does not work. That is the reason why he comes to Ibiza for you with his thrilling sound. The party of the century is about to begin and only at Privilege! Just listen to his newest single "Attentione" and you will know what has struck.

Sunday 17.08.03

- DJ Dean (Hit "Protect Your Ears", Tunnel Records / Sony Music)
>> www.djdean.de

- DJ Neil (Hit "Go Ahead", Tunnel Records; MAXIMA FM Madrid)
>> www.maxima.fm/maxima/locutores/dj_neil.html

- DJ Azzido da Bass (Hit "Dooms Night")

DJ Dean
... is one of Germany's most successfull DJs. More than 80 vinyls had been beaten out by him for Tunnel Records and Push-Up Records. His club-hits "Ballanation 1, 2 and 3" together with the correspondent albums are evergreens. Also his 3 maxis "Das Licht", which were made together with successful producer Atilla Girisken, enjoy a cult-status!!!

DJ Neil
"Go ahead" with DJ Neil. Whole Spain (he has got an own radio programme "Maxima FM" and an TV-programme "Musica Si" in Madrid) is getting crazy by his mixes and he was visiting Hamburg as well! His maxi-début "Go ahead", produced in co-operation with Special D. and Todd Diver at the Brooklin Bounce Studio, enthuses the whole international DJ scene. Do not miss his excellent mix and snapping sound!

DJ Azzido Da Bass
The basses are striking on you head over heels, no feet are standing still. The only explanation for this is that Azzido Da Bass is in da house! He reached great ultimate success world-wide by "Dooms Nights" and when you are calling him then he is mostly on the way somewhere in Moscow, Australia or Brazil and makes the dancing masses happy. Super mixer, super sound!!!

Sunday 24.08.03

- DJ Dean (Hit "Protect Your Ears", Tunnel Records / Sony Music)
>> www.djdean.de

- Niels van Gogh (Hit "Feeling A Pressure", Kosmo Records)
>> www.nielsvangogh.de

- Dirk Dreyer (Sony Music / Epic, Berlin)

DJ Dean
Also with his vinyls/maxis/albums, released by Sony Music (Epic), among others "Play it hard" and "Protect your Ears", DJ Dean is drawing all attention to himself. Especially his clubmix "Hamburg Rulez" is working extremely well and it enthuses always again the 50.000 visitors of the AOL-Football-Arena in Hamburg!

DJ Dirk Dreyer
Sure, also Sound-Dr Dreyer has landed on Ibiza and he brought along the best he has. A top-level party experience with first-class trancehouse you will never forget!

DJ Niels Van Gogh
Also people from the German region Franken can fly, namely to Ibiza to the Privilege. One can feel his sound down to the bones and it is not recommendable for week hearts! The winner of last German Dance Awards in the subject "best sold vinyl" with the record "Pulversturm" (his newest is called "Feeling a Pressure", Kosmo Records) would like to stay on Ibiza always and mix some tough straight trance underneath millions of stars every night at the Tunnel Villa's barbecue...all right then, here we go!!!

Sunday 31.08.03

- DJ Shoko (Tunnel Records)

- DJ Greenhead (Hit "Crystal" Warner Music Swiss)
>> www.djgreenhead.com

- DJ Marc Jerome (Everlasting Rec. / Nature One / Sunshine Live)
>> www.marcjerome.de/

DJ Shoko
If somebody is eager to listen to DJ Shokos's fines art of mixing and his bizarre qualities before his performance in Ibiza, then have a look at THE TUNNEL SHOW - LIVE (www.tunnel.de) every Saturday at 2 a.m. CET. The fans are waiting on him longing, since he had made an extraordinary show last year at Privilege. One must have seen and heard it!!!

DJ Greenhead
Do you really want good sound? Do you want to party till the end of time? Then listen to DJ Greenhead and no wishes will be unfulfilled. He is one of most succesfull Swiss DJs and Resident at the mega "Energy Rave" and he mixes the "Evolution Compiler".

Sunday 07.09.03 - Closing Party

- DJ Dean (Hit "Protect Your Ears", Tunnel Records / Sony Music)
>> www.djdean.de

- Apollo (Tunnel Records)

DJ Dean
Tunnel Trance Force and DJ Networx, these are the success compilations by DJ Dean, which he has been compiling and mixing for 5 years for Tunnel Records/Sony. More than 1,5 millions have been sold since then and there is no end in view. If you want to have an idea of his sound and art of mixing, then this is the last chance this year to experience him at the biggest club on earth!

DJ Apollo
"Dance" with DJ Apollo and let the sun go to your heart in this last night for this year. With what does it work better than with this unforgettable fat sound? Come in and open your mind!
Looking good! It's a good thing that the trance/hard trance have their parties too.

Could you tell me what the price will be for the Tunnel parties?