Tunes you want to here this New Year


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OK heres my list in this order

La La Land
Turn It Around
Take Me Away Into The Night
Sunglasses at Night
Take Me With You
DJs, Fans Freaks
Silverscreen Shower
Bullet In A Gun
Be Cool
Far Out
The Theme

Like it? Whats yours? Hope to be back in ibiza in June
Green Velvet - La La Land
Alena - Turn It Around
4 Strings - Take Me Away Into The Night
Caned And Unable - Hi-Gate
Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night
cosmos - Take Me With You
Kobbe and Fabb'x - Abyss
Blank Jones DJs, Fans Freaks
Felix Da Housecat - Silverscreen Shower
rabbit in the moon - Bullet In A Gun
Paffendorf - Be Cool
Frank T R A X - Nebuchan
Sonz Of A Loop D Loop Era - Far Out
Jurgen Vries - The Theme
Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight - Finally