Tune @ underwater last night



Was any of u last night to Underwater @ Pacha´s ???

around 5 am (tim deluxe was spinning i believe, but not sure :oops: ) a tune was played, with a strong saxophone in it....... I´m totally in love with it now, and would love to know the name, so if anyone knows, plzzz :)

p.s. just in case someone was bout to suggest it, it wasnt ´saxo´ by lauren wolf ;)
when i get home i´ll check those song out, i hope it´s one of those :)
Boca Grande - Push?? We all love sax is kinda likely cos its by him tho....and its a wicked track!
trumpet thing - don't stop
afro dynamix - saxo
Boca Grande - Push

couldnt find these on kazaa

and its none of the others :(

but the last day i heard it at Bora Bora, and i'm not sure anymore wether its a saxophone or another instrument (maybe hobo? )
Kazaa is rubbish m8 and you can get all sorts of viruses from it. For a good and easy to use p2p app get hold of soulseek (www.slsk.org) because its much better for dance music. Either that or learn how to use irc and get stuff even earlier :D
i got soulseek...... but apart from hiphop i couldnt really find anything :(
i can use irc yeh, but dont really find it userfriendly for downloading stuff (cuz of bouncer and all)

anyhow, no suggestions for the song ppl? :(
Btw all 3 of those songs are readily availavble on soulseek. I just checked. The 'afro dynamix' track is actually meant to be

Laurent wolf pres. afro dynamics - saxo

Though You're better off searching for "laurent wolf saxo". Its best not to put the whole trackname in when you're searching on slsk. Sometimes you will find u have the wrong spelling of something etc.