Tune Tiesto played at Cream after the 'countdown'?



Does anybody know the name of the tune that DJ Tiesto played at Cream last thursday...thurs 18th July that was at the end of the 'countdown' on the big screen?

Not too sure but I know one of the tunes he played (may have been then?!) sorry I was a mess but I remember Lethal Industry by the Man Tiesto himself TUNE!
yeh i've just picked that tune up for £3 from a small local record shop...
I only remember Lethal Industy as well, don't rememeber any countdown! What was that about? I can't believe I remember so little about that night, the only other tune I remember is M factor - Mother and that was very near the end!
SURELY you all must remember Cafe Del Mar remix.....man Tiesto rocks!!
i think the cafe del mar remix was by marco V, that was quality as well.

in the first hour of his set on the big screen above the dj booth there was a countdown from 1 minute through the breakdown of a song. then when the countdown ended the song kicked off...but i dont know what it's called :(
The tune after the countdown was definatly Lethal Industry, although I don't know if there was another countdown that I might have missed? I thought Tiesto's set was awesome, but i thought by the end of his set the place was just too busy. Although, we walked straight into the vip at the top opposite the dj booth, started talking to a rather wrecked couple, who let us sit at their table, where we stayed and drank their booze all night, superb!
Tiesto's said was great. He and PVD combined to pretty much kick my ass. How hot was it in there?
i know!! best night of my holiday, but as you said it was getting far too hot. couldnt leave the dance floor to chill out though because every tune they played was great so i didn't wanna miss one.