tune thats similar to jnr jack - e samba



I heard this tune at defected records opening night, and a couple of other times while I was at ibiza.
Its really similar to e samba but its got a woman sining in african (i think), with a load of kids singing the chorus. I'm gonna try and type what the chorus go's like but bear with me, 'me amba manda aaeeah'. Its got a really strange name, I have been shown it by the dj @ the kanya bar but I was a bit pissed and can't remember it.
All help would be really appreciated!!
Havent heard that before, is the mix on Juno the one you've been saying about recently?

Pretty much Mighty Dub Katz - Manana/Let the drums speak with vocals?
nope its none of those, as i said i'll know it when i hear it.
absolutely class tune
and before anyone suggests its not yeke yeke - morey kante.
heard that a few times this year aswell 8)
I know exactly which one you mean and I'm also trying to get hold of it! It's like a fuller version of E Samba complete with verses.
Much better than the JJ version methinks...
Please someone find it!! :confused:
Not the original (10-11 min) version of E samba is it rather than the full intention mix that everyone plays out?
yup, thats the one!!
I want an mp3 of it to bung on a minidisk and unfotunately cant find it anywhere so any help would be much appreciated.