tune spot, from sasha's b'day, please help, with audio sampl


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hi folks,

looking for an expert to recognise following tune, this time with audio sample - ahaaaaa - much easier me thinks

sasha played this on the terrace on his birthday and it was tune of the night for me. i distinctly remember stepping on technoboy's toes as i leapt up and down ;)

when the beat kicked in it went f*cking MENTAL - i love space like that :):)

click here to listen (real audio)

p.s. i don't remember the vocal over the top - is that a different mix?
i remember that moment!! (and not because the steppings)

i prefeer the version without the lyrics (i dont like lyrics very much)

i dont know the name :(

but see, maybe the webmaster of djsasha.com can help you, because i wrote some mails to him asking for tracklisting of sasha actings and he replyed me 100% correct!!

good luck! and i hope to meet you some day (god, i cant wait to garnier!!)
I think you'll find that tune is Rui Da Silva 'Feel my love'

Wicked tune

He can do no wrong!!

hi helen, great spot :):)

am listening to his essential mix again from last saturday, and just got the spot from the tracklistings

great tune
I watched Sasha´s B-day set on the terrace with Technoboy and we had a great time, one of the prettiest sets I´ve ever listened to ! :D
I´d be delighted to find out names of more songs played then... because none of them were familiar to me ! If you have audio samples perhaps you know the names of more tunes (and I´ll try to download them ! :p )