Tune of the year?

I think the RAWRRRRRRRR throughout the song really makes it. I can see this being copied on the dancefloor.
Oh dear. Complete with voice vocoder effect that's on EVERY SINGLE R&B tune at the moment ( first used by Herbie Hancock I think).:confused:
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trully heinous record

anyone who listens to that stuff is a cloth-eared oaf

best tunes I've heard recently:

friendly fires - paris (aeroplane mix)
grace jones - william's blood (yam who version)
primal scream - uptown (weatherall)
house of house - rushing to paradise
hosh - steppenwolf (jerome sydenham dub)
roy davis junior - I have visions (juan maclean remix)
the laughing light of plenty - the rose
Quite comfortably the most cringeworthy track in recent memory. Who needs waterboarding when they could torture prisoners by simply repeating this in their cells 24/7.