Tune ID


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Heard this funky house puppy at Moneypennys last night:

"i love, i love the way your making me feel"

C'mon Dam0, weave ur magic Tune ID'ing wand for me!!
The wand hasnt been very good recently because i've been workin and producin instead of tracking down them tunes :(

here's a possible one though. very funky too:

Magenta Feat Zanzibar - Flower Locos

the 'love thing mix' has a few lines in the chorus a bit like that:

'...as u drive me crazy, the way you make me feel and the things you do' or somethin like that.
Glad u found it and thanks for ur kind words :)

Workin on a tune with coley from this board at the mo. It started out that i was helpin him with a tune he posted but now its turned into a pretty cool project :D